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From now on our application phases will always start on Monday 12:00 (midday) until Friday 12:00 (midday).

On the following weekend after an application phase we will contact you if your application was successful, so make sure you are reachable via phone!


Application phases will take place:


22.04.2019 – 26.04.2019

29.04.2019 – 03.05.2019

06.05.2019 – 10.05.2019

13.05.2019 – 17.05.2019

20.05.2019 – 24.05.2019


The available offers and the possibility to apply can be found:


The offers available for application will change weekly!

New offers not available in a current round may be published in the following round and some offers previously available may not be online anymore!

You can apply for one internship each round.


Please note: Applications are only possible on the above mentioned website. Only offers shown there are valid for application regardless what can be found on the IAESTE exchange platform.


Some more important information – please read carefully


Completed years of study (CYOS):

Your completed years of study are determined by the amount of ECTS credits you obtained (only credits listed in your transcript will be taken into account, you can update your transcript anytime you receive more credits). In case you do more than one study in parallel, your studies with most credits will be used to determine your study level, 10% of credits for other studies will be added in case you provide the according transcripts.


0 CYOS: < 30 ECTS

1 CYOS: > 30 – 90 ECTS

2 CYOS: > 90 – 150 ECTS

3 CYOS: > 150 – 210 ECTS

4 CYOS: >  210 – 270 ECTS

5 CYOS: >  270 ECTS


Please only apply for internships where your amount of completed years of study (CYOS) is equal to or higher as the amount of CYOS required by the internship!!


Students with matching amount of CYOS will be ranked first, then applications of students with more CYOS than required are being reviewed. Applications from students with insufficient CYOS will not be takent into account.


Example : You are a Master Student with a total of 190 ECTS. Following our list, you have 3 CYOS. You should apply for internships where 3 CYOS are required. You can also apply for internships where 2, 1 or 0 CYOS are required, but applicants matching the required CYOS will be reviewed before. If you apply for an internship with 4 or 5 required completed years, your application will not be taken into account.



Your application is a binding decision. If you apply for an internship, receive the phone call and then deny your nomination, you will be banned from further nominations for at least two rounds!

In case you want to change which internships to apply for, just sign up again – your last input is considered your final decision.

You need to have a verified profile on our Exchange Platform to be eligible to apply. In case you have no profile so far, you can find more information about how to create one on our homepage:


Your IAESTE Exchange Team


3 Steps to your Internship

After the registration in our exchange tool you can provide your dates (without obligations) and create your profile. The following documents should be uploaded (as PDF):

  • Resume (CV) in english
  • Record transcript in english
  • Study enrollment confirmation or degree certificate
  • English-Language Test Certificate – IAESTE is offering language tests
  • Additional certificates

Within the creation of your profile it is necessary to allocate yourself one of our Lokalkomitees. In case there is no IAESTE local committee at your university or you are attending university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule), it is normally the closest committee which is competent.

After complete upload of all required documents, click until the end of the confirmation-deadline on the „Send“ button. Then we will check your documents and following we will activate your account for signing in for internship offers.

If you are not sure about the appropriateness of your documents, feel free to stop by at your local committee during consulting hours where we will gladly assist you (see at bottom).

Exchange Tool Profile Creation Guide

When your documents are by us confirmed, you can sign up for any internship until the end of the enrollment-deadline. Because there are more applicants than job offers we are carrying out a ranking list according to points. In different parts of the year there are a different number of abroad internships. From experience, we know that the most internships are available in February

If you want do find out how points are given, you can read about it in the Ranking-Rules.


If you have more points than your competitors and you meet the qualification requirements for the internship, then you will be, after phone confirmation from us, for that intership position nominated. In order to pass on your enrollment in respective country, it is necessary to send us signed Intership agreement, motivation letter and proof of payment of the deposit fee (300€) to our account.

After your complete documents have arrived at our office and we have verified them we will send your application to respective country. Now your chosen employer proves your application. If the employer accepts your application you get the deposit back after writing a trainee report. If you are not accepted you get deposit and process fee back. You can now of course apply for another internship in the next round.

Get working experience in one of our 86 member countries!

An architect’s office in Spain, a research center in Argentina or a university in Japan, are just a few places IAESTE offers internships. Annually around 170 students take the chance to complete a study relevant internship.

Discover new cultures with IAESTE!

Traveling is the perfect opportunity to discover other cultures, get to know new people, gain experience and develop on a personal level. The acquisition of “Soft Skills” and the learning of new languages is also made possible through our exchange program over the last 70 years.


Further Information

IAESTE is in Austria run voluntarily by students. Therefore will active work with IAESTE with bonus points awarded. With these points you can improve your ranking stand.
Bonus points can be gained either by Jobraising or/and by general work with IAESTE. The exact list can be found also at the Ranking-rules.


In return for your job abroad we find for one foreign Trainee one job in Austria. That means: the more jobs in Austria we organize the more jobs will be available overseas. Thereby you can support us between October and December. If you are interested in the jobraising then contact the jobraising project manager of your local committee.

General work

Cooperation by IAESTE is characterized by engagement by IAESTE projects und regularily participation by IAESTE-meetings at local and national level. Further you can gain the points by cooperation by recruiting events, by taking over chairman or project manager position. To find out where exactly you can get the points ask at your local committee.


In general, all IAESTE internships are paid. IAESTE’s goal is to provide internships that pay as much as is required to survive in the country of internship. However, costs for getting there, tours, party, etc are not considered.

How much you earn in each country is very different due to the different standards of living. Some employers are also more generous than others.


We take a deposit of EUR 300. You will get it back as soon as you finish your internship. This deposit was introduced to prevent careless cancellations by students.

To be eligible to participate in an IAESTE abroad internship you must provide proof of your english language proficiency.

Besides internationally recognized language certificates with an oral test part, for example CEF, TOEIC or TOEFL  there will be oral language examinations offered by local committees.

After you created your profile, you can take a IAESTE language test. To take one just write an e-mail to your IAESTE local committee.

The language tests will be provided by IAESTE free of charge. Therefore we keep the right to deny any internship for students that do not perceive any language terms.

International language certificates as well as our own language certificates are valid for an indefinite period.

Abroad stays during which you did not take any specific or classified language tests cannot be classified as IAESTE grade and therefore will be by us not recognized as language proficiency skills.

For IAESTE language certificate please contact:

LC Boku:
LC Graz: Eventbrite or
LC Innsbruck:
LC Linz:
LC Leoben:
LC Salzburg:
LC Vienna:

When you register IAESTE will ask you to provide personal information. IAESTE Austria reserves the right to store this data (including passport number and date of issue, study progress (transcript), confirmation of enrollment, language skills, work experience, resume, cover letter, visa applications, photo, experience report, local committee membership and the name of my IAESTE supervisor ) and transmit it to the IAESTE organisation (Full Members, Associate Members, Co-operating Institution) of the target country, as well as the employer in the target country, in order to provide the services you request.

Any change in the data must be notified immediately.

After the end of your internship IAESTE Austria and their local committees are, until further noticed, entitled for statistical analysis and exchange of experience with applicants of the same host country or the same employer to save following data: Name, address, Student Nominated, Trainee Report and experience report.

Furthermore, the Terms of Use published on this Website apply. The agreement given at the registration can be at any time individually or as a whole revokedn. This causes the inadmissibility to use your data further. The data will not be forwarded to any third party.


Are the IAESTE internships free of charge?
Yes you must only pay a deposit in amount of EUR 300,– when awarded a job. This deposit will be paid back to you after your arrival from the internship.

I have already had an internship by IAESTE, can I apply for the second time?
Yes. However the students who are applying for the first time will be placed in front of you in the ranking.

Can I do my FH-Duty-internship by IAESTE?
You can participate as a FH Student at our internship. But actually we don’t put through any suitable FH-Duty-internship. But it can happen that your internship fits your study and other frame conditions.

What about Visa, work permit, etc.?
If you need a visa you must apply for it at your local embassy. Because IAESTE has worldwide a special status regarding to work permits and visas it is less bureaucratic than in the regular cases. Additional costs for visa must be covered by students themselves.

Do I need to be an IAESTE member in order to participate in internship program?
No. But by working at IAESTE you can get extra points to improve your ranking position.

I am only in the x semester of my studies; can I apply now for an IAESTE internship?
Indeed! Most of the internships are suitable for the middle and end of the studies but there are always more and more internship offers that are related to freshmen. So apply whatsoever.

I have already completed my studies. Can I still apply for an IAESTE internship?
Yes. You can apply within 1,5 year after your end of the studies.