IAESTE Internship abroad - start YOUR adventure!


  • Are you completing technical or scientific studies right now?
  • Have you finished your studies within the last 1.5 years?
  • Are you ready for unforgettable experiences?

If you answered one of these questions positively, you've come to the right place!

IAESTE Internships are

•    To expand your horizon
•    Subject-specific
•    Paid
•    Between 6 and 52 weeks
•    In over 80 countries
•    During summer or during semester

For your profile you need:

•    Copy of your passport
•    CV
•    Current transcript of records
•    Valid conformation of enrolment
•    English language certificate

Important: All documents have to be in English!

Are you new? 
Do you already have a profile?

If you don't have a profile yet, you can create one anytime and submit it! It will be approved by us and you can participate in the following application phase and apply, when we put the jobs online. Creating a profile is totally non-binding.

Application phase = Jobs ONLINE

Next application phase: 15.05. (8:00) - 18.05. (23;59)

If you have an approved profile until then, you can apply for the internships!

Deadline for submitting your profile: 11.05.2017

If you submit your profile until then we guarantee you that you will be able to apply for the internships during the application phase. After the deadline we will still check the profiles but we cannot assure you, that it will be ready on time.


IMPORTANT: When you apply for an internship, it is binding. During the weekend after the application phase we select the best-fitting candidate for the internship, who then gets a call from us (so please be reachable!!). Then we will forward your applicatino to the respective country. In case you didn't consider it well enough and you say that you don't want to do the internship after all when we call you (or afterwards), you might take away the internship from somebody else and cause extra effort on our side. When you cancel your application during or shortly after the call, you cannot apply for internships in the following 2 application phases.  


If you have any questions please send an email to internship@iaeste.at!

In case you don't have a language certificate for English: We also provide simple language tests: More information here.


And if you need some help with creating an English CV - it's quite easy with Europass.

You can find more detailed information about the exchange program here.