Terms of use

Allocation of internships

The internship program of IAESTE Austria is based on an exchange of austrian internships with IAESTE partnership countries. The selection of internships is therefore dependent on the offers recieve from these countries, which means that there is no guarantee that there is an adequate job offer for every applicant. Applicants have no claim for an internship and it can not be demanded from IAESTE Austria. There is no legal recourse. Internhips are allocated under the use of IAESTE Austria’s ranking rules. These rules were worked out with the intention of assigned the best suited applicant to the corresponding internship. Unfortunately, IAESTE Austria can not guarantee a completely fair selection of applicants. Complaints can be filed with IAESTE Austria’s auditor. Complaints can also be filed with IAESTE Austria’s auditor if there is suspicion of unfair allocation of internships. There is no legal recourse.


Participating in events organized by IAESTE Austria is at one’s own risk. Excluding the case of gross negligence and intent, neither the organizer IAESTE Austria nor it’s members can be held liable for accidents and damages done to individuals or property. IAESTE Austria has the right to move the dates of events or to cancel them. IAESTE Austria can not be held liable for any resulting damage.