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Important information concerning the current COVID19 crisis!

We are very well aware of the current situation. IAESTE values its participants‘ health and wellbeing over everything else.We are still offering our internship possibilities to everyone. Our internship offers are not cancelled until explicitly specified otherwise!

However, please do take note:
– There may be delays regarding information whether someone is accepted or rejected by employer.
– Internships might be cancelled due to economical reasons that are not foreseeable yet.
– If you’re not able to start your internship due to any reason related to the corona pandemic, there won’t be any consequences.

Apply now for an IAESTE internship!

The IAESTE summer system is now open for applications.
Please visit offers.iaeste.at for more information.


1. Register your account and create a profile

After the registration in our exchange tool you can provide your dates (without obligations) and create your profile. The following documents should be uploaded (as PDF):

* Resume (CV) in english
* Record transcript in english
* Study enrollment confirmation or degree certificate
* English-Language Test Certificate – IAESTE is offering language tests
* Additional certificates

Within the creation of your profile it is necessary to allocate yourself one of our Lokalkomitees. In case there is no IAESTE local committee at your university or you are attending university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule), it is normally the closest committee which is competent.

After complete upload of all required documents, click until the end of the confirmation-deadline on the „Send“ button. Then we will check your documents and following we will activate your account for signing in for internship offers.

If you are not sure about the appropriateness of your documents, feel free to stop by at your local committee during consulting hours where we will gladly assist you (see at bottom).

2. Application and ranking

When your documents are by us confirmed, you can sign up for any internship until the end of the enrollment-deadline. Because there are more applicants than job offers we are carrying out a ranking list according to points. In different parts of the year there are a different number of abroad internships. From experience, we know that the most internships are available in February

If you want do find out how points are given, you can read about it in the Ranking-Rules.

3. Nomination

If you have more points than your competitors and you meet the qualification requirements for the internship, then you will be, after phone confirmation from us, for that intership position nominated. In order to pass on your enrollment in respective country, it is necessary to send us signed Intership agreement, motivation letter and proof of payment of the deposit fee (300€) to our account.

After your complete documents have arrived at our office and we have verified them we will send your application to respective country. Now your chosen employer proves your application. If the employer accepts your application you get the deposit back after writing a trainee report. If you are not accepted you get deposit and process fee back. You can now of course apply for another internship in the next round.


An architect’s office in Spain, a research center in Argentina or a university in Japan, are just a few places IAESTE offers internships. Annually around 170 students take the chance to complete a study relevant internship.


Traveling is the perfect opportunity to discover other cultures, get to know new people, gain experience and develop on a personal level. The acquisition of “Soft Skills” and the learning of new languages is also made possible through our exchange program over the last 70 years.

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